Monday, October 5, 2015

More progress at the Duck

Well, some things are getting finished.....and some things are getting started. kind of like quilting. hahahaha

The graffiti office walls are now finished... left side of one wall...
I glued some keys to the wall inside those black boxes...old fashioned keys.

finished left.jpg

Right side of that wall

finished right.jpg

Can you see the bingo cards at the very top?  it was hard to get a good pic that wasn't blurry. and those black cards under the alpha blocks are some kind of bingo game also.

bingo blurry plus other bingo.jpg

I found 4 little foam puzzles in frames that filled large spaces

plane and copter.jpg

train and truck.jpg

I found these plastic necklace beads. they remind me of M&M's. they are so cute...about 1 1/5" wide.

m and m like.jpg

And i found a Pooh alphabet and had to add it, too. it is going around the other 2 walls, since there wasn't room on the original graffiti walls.

pooh alpha close.jpg

And i cut enough saved base boards and brought them home to scrape, sand and re-paint. and i started sanding the least at the i can put the baseboards up when i go back down there. and i took down the scaffolding in the office and moved it to the living room...that was a job in itself.

sanding floor and baseboards.jpg

All but 2 pieces are finished and hung on the wall in the dressing room. i just have 2 corner pieces to do...and they will go up the next time i go down there. i guess i need to start putting the boards back up around the windows and door also. 

finished wall 2.jpg

And i started sanding the floor in there, too. i have about a 2'x4' section finished. that is an addition, so a newer room, and takes longer to sand than the office floor, which is pretty worn.

started sanding.jpg

I hung a couple new things in the dining room...

A colored star that was in the studio that i thought needed to live at the Duck. LOL

star colored.jpg

And a Farmers Market sign that i found some time ago finally got hung.

farmers market sign.jpg

I cleaned out all the debris from the front flower bed

cleaned out and replanted.jpg

And planted a few day lilies that i brought with me. i tried to dig up more of them at home but they were not coming up. i will need to try that again.

day lilies replanted.jpg new project.... the chimney shows in the living room and a bedroom. i finally figured out a way to cover it up. here is the living room corner.

The chimney....a space about 10" wide....all the way from floor to ceiling....11 feet. i thought of painting it and several other things but decided it was just ugly. 

chimney corner.jpg

So, i finangled a piece of drywall in there. on the is behind the piece from that wall and secure. on the left....i glued it to the piece there...and put in a few drywall screws to hold it in place. i figure if it is still standing up there when i get back down there....then it will work. LOL

chimney corner covered w drywall.jpg

I have been saving legos....all sizes. I am using the large ones....sometimes called Dupo blocks. putting enough together to cover the seam of the 2 pieces of drywall coming together. These are just standing there right now....a little over 5' tall. i put the milk crates next to them after i took the pic, so they wouldn't just all fall down. i will start gluing when i go down next time.

lego chimney.jpg

5 fat rows and 1 skinny row. this spot might use up most of my i will still be on the hunt for more....since the chimney in the other bedroom is twice as wide as this side.

lego chimney close.jpg

I think i got a bit accomplished on this trip. it is getting cooler now, so i might be slowing down. i still don't have heat down there. 

But i do have a guy going to build me a little front porch in a couple weeks, so i will be going down to check on that. and do a few other things.

I have a couple other ideas after the surprises are yet to come. 

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Vicki W said...

No one could ever be sad in this house! I do hope you can put it on Airbnb. It would be awesome.

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