Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A few days at the Duck playing catch up

Finally...some pleasant weather to do something without having 3 shirts and 2 pair of gloves on....and still freezing. the last few months when stopping at the Duck to check it out....i would just drop off things that i was just too cold to do anything.

So, in the last few days i got stuff hung up.

In the Dining Room.... i hung more goodies on the walls

I had about 6 or 8 of these little seed packet plaques and found a few more ..... and i didn't have these.  yeah!!

And i got this sun, moon and stars from my son.

Got the first coat painted on the right side pocket door...

And the second coat on the left side pocket door. this one still needs to be hung.

I had a few things to hang in the laundry room also...

And worked a bit on the zentangle on laundry room door. Here is where i am so far. i really, really should have thought of doing this BEFORE it was hung. haha   hindsight and all that....

Here are a few closeups

It is harder than you can imagine to draw on a vertical surface.

And i hung the 3 graffiti pieces that i brought with me for the right side of the kitchen/dining room doorway. the design matches the left side....but not the colors. 

Birds have been making themselves at home in my attic....getting in from holes under the gutters. i finally got tired of hearing little chirping and feet running around, so i went out to the garage and started yanking down the foamboard insulation that was up there. the birds already had holes in it....and nesting material falling out all over the garage. 

This is what it looked like before i started ripping and tearing. 

there is a hole for the can see the light from the outside.

I filled all the holes between those raters. you can see small brown pieces of wood. good thing i had a 'trash pile' of wood pieces. i just cut them to fit and screwed them up there. no birds getting in there.

On this side i put a board over the left side. that was their newest nesting spot. 

Sorry, birds, you are gonna have to find new accommodations. There was a bird in the house one day....i have no idea how he got in there. 

My son is having way too much fun these days fixing up things in my sister's house. she says he is costing her money every day. haha

His latest project was to put some pizzazz on the doorway between the kitchen and family room. many years ago a sliding glass door was taken out there and the doorway just left unfinished. now it is all fancy. he carved out wooden pieces for the corners....

And put trim all around. he even ran the edges through the router. very nice.

I love the holes that he cut.

And he finished the bottom with tin.....that matches the window in the kitchen. he put tin all around the window, created a drop light fixture out of tin....and made a marble window sill.  the boy has skills.

All in all, it was a very fun few days. i got to spend time with the ddil made the most fantastic chicken spaghetti .... and sent some leftovers of it home with me. i love her.  and my sis and i did some thrift store shopping and i scored more graffiti stuff. a good time was had by all.

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Vicki W said...

Thank you for the Duck update! I almost left you a snarky comment earlier this week telling you that you were letting me down. :)

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