Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Another finish...woohoo!!

After i took the neutral crazy quilt off the frame i immediately set up this one....then decided to just quilt one row....before i knew was finished.  haha   i just did wavy X's through the blocks. 


I finished piecing this on July 9, 2013 

close 1.jpg

I was using up pieces of novelty fabrics

close 2.jpg

And practicing the making of letters and numbers

close 3.jpg

The 'pattern' is just something i made up

close 4.jpg

It is rather bright....but kids like bright

close 5.jpg

This might have to go to a St. Louis Cardinals house  haha


I don't even remember where i got is a fleece. 

back close.jpg

Bright red Glide for the top....bright blue Bottom Line for the bobbin. and you can't really see the blue thread on the just sinks in.


Oh, it is 58x63"...a bit large for a kid quilt but it can be a couch/nap quilt.

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