Saturday, March 5, 2016

Garden Flowers

This is another strippy, scrappy. this time, it was 'let's get rid of some of these floral fabrics'.  by March 23, 2013 i had the blocks made....but, it took till June 1, 2013 till i got the top together. and then, another 3 years to get it quilted. but it is now done.


It was a quick quilt....i did X's across the row in each block and then did CC in them, too. it meant going down each row back and forth 4 times, but it still went quickly.


The strip blocks all have the same brown print in the center....and each side matches. i was trying for something different and had never done that before. 
strippy block 1.jpg

The quilt is 84x100.  The border was a wavy piano key....which i also did as i did the rows of blocks. i never cut the thread to move anywhere. kept on going till i ran out of bobbin. it took about 8 bobbins. on these utility quilts, i don't knot and bury threads....just do a few stitches in place and carry on.

strippy block 2.jpg

The alternate blocks are from some large floral fabrics that i had...who knows from where.

floral block.jpg

The back is from my stash. several years ago this line came out and i saw some patterns made with it and loved it. i had 2 or 3 patterns to make. needless to say, never used it. so, i finally decided to just use the fabric and forget about the quilt i bought it for. i wasn't that in love with the patterns any more anyway. funny how time changes everything.


back close.jpg

Top thread was a peach Glide, bobbin was a gold So Fine.


It's not anything spectacular, another utility quilt, but any one out of the to-be-quilted cabinet is fine with me. next up is a smaller kids quilt that will get a bit more attention.

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