Thursday, March 3, 2016

Strippy, Scrappy, Crazy quilt from hell

I finished piecing this on May 28, 2013. had i known how much trouble it would give me....i might have thrown it out then. this was surely the quilt from hell....and it is not even pretty. good thing trash day was yesterday and not today or it would be out on the curb right now.

I emptied out the red, purple and black scrap boxes....cut everything into strips of various sizes.....sewed them all together willy-nilly into larger strips....and cut out 6" blocks....then put all those together.  this is how you make an ugly quilt. haha   no rhyme or reason.

Anyway, on the frame it went yesterday....wanted really simple fast decided to just do lines across....with the channel locks...simple...right?


It is 76 x 94"

close 1.jpg

There is no pattern of quilting or color of thread that was going to show here anyway

close 2.jpg

It will just be an utility quilt

close 3.jpg

I used muslin for the back.....and some Signature variegated thread called problems at all with that in the bobbin. i quilted lines across of various heights.


So, i'm quilting along....lines back and forth.....every once in a while...a little hitch in the get-along....for my amusement. then....i get about 8 inches from the bottom...WTH...*&*$#)(@....i loaded the backing wrong and it is too short. for a moment i thought of quitting there and just cutting the bottom of the quilt off. but then i would lose the border. so, i unpinned, took it all off, cut some muslin off the side to add to the bottom.  well, i'll do that tomorrow. went home to stew about it.


So, this morning i come to the studio....stitch the 2 pieces of muslin together to lengthen the back....put it back on the i start to quilt and .... WTH ... *((#$($*%*@@(.....i didn't pay attention to how i sewed the extra on...and the seam is on the OUTSIDE of the quilt.  well, just bite me.  once again i think about just cutting it all off. but, no, we'll just quilt it and figure it out later. i am NOT taking that all back off and re-doing it.


So, after quilting, the fix i came up with was just to make some extra binding and sew it over the 'oops'.  I will swear it is just an artistic element of the back. LOL

ooops fix.jpg

This is the binding that i used....bits and pieces of stuff to use up from the stash.


And the thread....bright red Glide for the top and the Signature Southwest variegated for the bobbin.


If there was an ugly quilt contest around...this might just win. i will give it to my son....they have lots of dogs....make a good dog blankie.

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