Sunday, March 6, 2016


These blocks are applique, done with the embroidery machine, on April 27, 2013. i incorporated a lot of blues and greens for making the top.


It is 60 x 76"

1 fish.jpg

2 starfish.jpg

If little girls still like mermaids...i have the perfect quilt. haha

3 mermaid a.jpg

4 mermaid b.jpg

5 fish.jpg

6 crab.jpg

7 mermaid c.jpg

8 mermaid d.jpg

The jellyfish looks like a Sunbonnet Sue bonnet. LOL

9 jellyfish.jpg

10 shell.jpg

It's harder to know how to set 10, 2 'blocks' are blues and greens from the stash. sadly, i still have some of these fabrics....3 years later.  sigh!!


The back is part of a fatback from another all used up.


The panto is Whirlpool by Sharon Spingler


Top thread, as usual, was an aqua Glide; bobbin was So Fine Christmas green


After having to rip out the first foot of stitching and use a different thread, it went quickly. binding is the same fabric as the background of the embroidery blocks.

Wonder what's up next....hope it's fun.

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