Sunday, April 10, 2016

Country Ads

This quilt was finished a few weeks ago, but got caught in the vortex of my dead camera card reader. pics got corrupted and i had to take them over.

This was pieced May 25, 2013 and finally quilted March 17, 2016.  i guess it marinated long enough. It is 64 x 78".  


I had found some of that fabric somewhere with the white background....just a bit. probably a yard sale or something.  then i found more of it with the black background. score!!   


So, i cut out little bits and pieces of the ads....and using the colors that were in the pic, put borders around them till i got a 5" square, then added the white background.

Clover Hills rolled oats

clover hills rolled oats.jpg

Rolling Hills Eggs

rolling hills eggs.jpg

I absolutely love this one.... Rooster Tail Poultry Seasoning...haha

rooster tail poultry seasoning.jpg

Sunset Best Flour

sunset best flour.jpg

This one is cute, too....Wigwam Cornmeal

wigwam cornmeal.jpg

I used a panto for this one. and yes, those lines are supposed to be straight. Diagonal Plaid by Patricia Ritter.


Top thread was Glide Bark; bobbin was Maxi Lock, Forestry Mint, variegated

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