Thursday, April 7, 2016

Graffiti bedroom wall quilt

The graffiti wall quilt will have 21 'blocks'....17" square. 'sashing' and borders are 2" wide....wood.  dimensions are 135" long and 59" high. perhaps i should have made the border wider....but it is what it is at this point.

I got the scaffolding up on sunday and the first 11 blocks installed on monday. it was much simpler than i had thought it would be. sorry the scaffolding is in the picture, but i still need it for the rest of it. just pretend it is not there. haha

first half.jpg

Here are a few closer shots

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

And you know 1 or 2 shots have to be blurry ... right?  or it wouldn't be me. haha

close 4.jpg

I really am low on black graffiti and am using some gray.

close 5.jpg

close 6.jpg

After i got it all assembled, i went back with a small paintbrush and painted in any background wall that showed where the cutting wasn't quite straight. i think it worked out well.

close 7.jpg

From across the room it looks awesome.

close 8.jpg

I was lucky to find a few more bags of goodies while scouring yard sales and thrift shops last weekend, so graffiti lives on. haha

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Vicki W said...

Sweet! You have to put this house on Airbnb when you are done!

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