Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Duck Graffiti .... all over the house

I got to spend a couple days at the Duck this weekend and had some fun.

I have blocks 12 through 19 added to the bedroom wall.

blocks 12 thru 19.jpg

Here are a few close ups

block close 1.jpg

block close 2.jpg

block close 4.jpg

block close 5.jpg

block close 6.jpg

block close 7.jpg

Just 2 more to go and the bedroom wall graffiti quilt will be finished

So, then, i decided i needed Legos on the little wall space in the hall between the kitchen and dining room. i had already put graffiti boards around the doorway there.

First step.....paint the wall black and attach a narrow board to the corner.

step 1 black paint.jpg

After first day, legos were waist high.

day 1 waist high.jpg

After second day, legos were about 10" from the ceiling. at this point i ran out of glue and was too lazy to go get more. plus, once i opened the tube, i had to use it all or it would dry up.

day 2 10 inches from ceiling.jpg

i am using the same glue on the outside of the house where i am putting blocks around the front door, so will finish up the legos and the outside blocks on the next trip.

close up.jpg

I had some little lego flowers and thought i would add them for interest....wish i had more of those.

flowers on lego wall.jpg

I do have some little lego people. i am going to add a lego shelf....or 2....and put some lego people and animals up there, too.

And, as if that wasn't enough.....i decided the next graffiti project should be the wall around the doorway in the living room. this leads to the spare bedroom....where the graffiti quilt is on the wall.

So, i measured everything .... painted a section black.....and made a paper template to take home and cut out a couple pieces of luan to get started.  i am thinking it will just be a conglomeration of black, white, grey, silver with a smidge of red. we'll see how that goes. black and white pieces of graffiti are hard to find so this wall might take a while.

lr wall for graffiti.jpg

I actually got something accomplished that didn't involve graffiti pieces or legos.  i put another coat of paint on the pocket doors. one has second coat and one has first coat. those are really tall doors.

right door painted.jpg

left door painted.jpg

Since it is too much fun to work on graffiti and legos and such, the actual WORK on the house is suffering....like sanding floors, tape and mud on walls, finishing up baseboards and such.  sigh!!!    i really, really need to do some actual WORK on this house. hahahaha  .....   or not.

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