Friday, April 22, 2016

Disappearing 16 Patch

Horray....the monster is off the frame. all month.....this is the only thing i have quilted this month.  sheesh!!

This baby is huge....96 x 114" .... don't ask me what i was brain died years ago. this was finally pieced on July 15, 2013.  i think it might be a catalog of all the fabrics i owned back then. 


The border needed to be a bit wider.....but, (1)..this is already huge...and, (2) .. i think that is all i had of that butt ugly, heavy print.


I don't want to do feathers or swirls for a while now.

close 1.jpg

I used my 8" circle on the blocks


I think i like the back better


I just did a few stitches at starts and stops and didn't tie and bury threads on this one so there are some issues at a few of those spots.

back close.jpg

I used a variegated Signature thread for the is pretty took 28 bobbins to quilt this thing.

back closer.jpg

Glide aqua for the top; Signature variegated Atlantis for the bobbin


Up next is a baby quilt for my sister....should be done in a couple days. then at least i can say i quilted 2 this month.  i am waaaayyyy  behind on this quilting thing.

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