Thursday, April 7, 2016

Home for Larry's 'stuff'

My son, Larry, is sort of a Fred Sanford......remember the junk man on tv years ago?  haha    he goes around the neighborhood 'rescuing' things people put on the curb. brings them home, tears them apart, and remakes something else.

He is currently working in my sister's garage, where he is staying, but the garage was pretty full....and overflowed into the back yard pool house.....and some stuff in the driveway, under tarps. i believe my sister suggested he was getting a bit out of hand. haha

So, i offered part of my garage.....2 bays worth.....for the storage of some of his 'stuff'.  all good stuff....he assures me. LOL

Monday we had a Beverly Hillbillies caravan down the highway.....40 miles from Larry's garage to the Duck's garage.

Larry's truck...

My sister's truck....

I didn't get a pic of my truck. but i have a camper shell so it couldn't be piled high, but the back was full.....for the second time. i took a load on sunday also.

The only thing here that is mine are those 2 boxes sitting on pallets.

The wood on the shelves is mine but larry will be using it for his projects.

He has it stored neatly in, so far, you can get around fairly easily. we'll see how long that lasts. haha

I might need a sign for the garage.....Fred Sanford's Place.   did he have a name for his shop?

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Bessie said...

Sanford and Son, hence the name of the show.

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