Thursday, April 7, 2016

My 7 hour lesson .... a sad tale

Some just does not work out as you intended.....this was one of those days.  

This was a quilt that drug on for YEARS....pieces were cut with AccuQuilt machine on November 18, 2012. i worked on it off and on for a couple years and then it went to UFO status on February 18, 2015. on March 15, 2015 i finished piecing it.

Remember this?


And promptly realized it was pieced wrong. back to UFO status

OK....March 17, 2016.....i drug it out again....and spent 2 hours turning 4 blocks around so it was pieced correctly.


I had a quilting plan....and spent 5 hours stabilizing all the rows.....all the way down the quilt. and quilted 1 block and 1 setting triangle.

I realize NOW that my mistake from the beginning was to use that black and white and gray fabric. NOTHING shows on there. i was quilting using red thread.....even went over the circles 3 times.....yuck. 

Sorry, i don't have pics of that. my card reader died in my camera....i bought another one on amazon and it was a corrupted my pics and i lost most of them. 

This is all the pics i have left......a corner....hahahaha  the quilt was 62x78


 i was NOT ripping all that out. i slept on it for the night. thought about throwing it all in the trash. but, just did a large meander over the whole mess. 

Then cut it all into 4 pieces and put a binding on them with whatever bits and pieces of binding i had here......and took them to my son for doggie blankies. 

dog blankies.jpg

The dogs love them. hahahaha

I really want to try this again.....with different fabrics. but i might need to forget about it for a while first. 

Why do these things happen to me? i think i have bad quilt karma.  sigh!!

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