Thursday, December 15, 2016

Frog Bog #itsbetterinleather

I did a little playing the last couple of days.  since I learned i could fuse interfacing onto the back of the leather to keep it from stretching, i decided to see if i could then embroider a large design on it. is 17.5" x 14".  It is a piece of the same blue leather that was quilted. i just did some cross hatching behind the design. it worked out easily since i could follow the quilted lines on the leather.


I just love these cute little frogs....especially the one that just has his eyes peeking out of the water

close 1.jpg

close 2.jpg

The back was a piece of hand dyed blue that was in the stash.


Top thread was a Glide aqua....that perfectly matched the leather. bobbin thread was a bright blue by Superior called Art Studio Colors. I have several spools of this that have been in the thread cabinet for years. I 'think' they are from Ricky Tims??  


I could just throw away all my fabric and play with leather and be happy. hahahaha

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