Saturday, December 3, 2016

Leather Zebras #itsbetterinleather

Once again, every time i make a new leather is my favorite. haha

The zebras are a pattern in Make it With Leather, Aug-Sep 1974.  Bless Uncle Johnny for saving all those all magazines. This is the pattern...


And this is how the picture looked in the magazine...


And here is my version...


It is 14 x 16.5".  

front close lg.jpg

The white leather is pigskin. Don't laugh at my cross hatching....I can NEVER get it even....I mark and it doesn't help me. haha  On the cross hatching, I stopped at the animal....backtracked....lifted the needle...moved to the other side of the animal...backtracked...and finished sewing the line.  then i had a whole lot of strings to trim. but i knew if i didn't do it that way, it would look even more wobbly than it does.

front close sm.jpg

The back is black fabric from the stash. I was lucky enough to have a black and white stripe for the binding.


back close.jpg

Top threads were Glide black and white.....bobbin threads were So Fine black and white.

Leather dye used was Eco-Flo in black, range tan, java brown and bison brown

Hubby requested a buck for the next leather animal. I'll have to see if i have a pattern for that. but, if i make one...he will want it. haha

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