Thursday, December 8, 2016

Six Pack of Leather Flowers

Quilting with leather is so much fun....if you haven't tried really must.

I cut out the leather flower, stem and leaf pieces with my AccuCut machine. no problem....but i did just cut one at a time. Other fabrics are regular cotton quilting fabrics.


I appliqued the flowers onto the blocks while quilting. It was a challenge to hold down that leather piece with one hand while quilting around it with the other hand without having it stretch out or move around. I quilted the circles in the sashings a bit wonky on purpose.  Cornerstones are red leather.


The blue leather is quilted, so it had an extra layer of batting under it.

2 blue.jpg

I was able to quilt through 4 layers of leather, plus the top, batting and back without a hitch.





I put a 6" border on this quilt purposely so i could use Jamie Wallen's templates once again. they look much better on a larger border. The corners got cross hatching


I love his 2-piece templates for circles and ovals. I haven't managed to quilt over a line without moving sometimes.


More cross hatching in the middle pointed oval. I used a ruler the first one, then just did it by hand, trying to keep the hopping foot right next to the last row. It needs practice, but it will do...just don't look close. haha

border middle.jpg

The back is a red and white stripe from the stash. It's not a quilting cotton....more like a home dec...or something. but it worked well. You can't tell in the individual flower pictures, but i did lines in the backgrounds with black thread. but it does show up on the back. i marked the block into 2 or 3 sections and quilted half horizontally and half vertically. i did random widths on the lines.


Even with black thread, sometimes you can barely see it on the back in the flower block backgrounds. if the line falls on the spot where the red and white stripe meet, you really have to look close to see the black thread. strange.

back close.jpg

Threads were black and white Glide for the top and So Fine black and light gray Bottom Line for the bobbin. More of that great black and white stripe for the border. 


I have a few more leather, stay tuned.

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