Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last piecing project for 2016.... leather crazy quilt

I've been working on this for the last 3 or 4 and there. I wanted to make a leather quilt but figured it would be too heavy. So, I decided I could do every other block in leather. The alternate blocks are brown selvages....each middle strip is the same. Blocks are 8". 

Top is now about 52x62. I will put a border of some kind of brown fabric....mainly so the binding doesn't have to be stitched through leather. I had lots of leather bits and pieces .... and had bought 2 scrap bags of leather pieces from Cathy Wiggins, so the blocks had to be crazy quilt style.


I did 2 blocks on the embroidery machine...then decided I would rather do them myself.

emb machine.jpg

A piece I got from Cathy was a hair on leather piece that looked like a mustache.

hair on mustache.jpg

I decided it needed a heart on there, too.


Sometimes the leather has holes in it....I just laid another little piece under the hole.  The black piece with the holes came from a purse. I just laid it over another piece of colored leather.

hole and overlay.jpg

I got the leather horse from Cathy when I bought her leather calendar. I put it on a lime green pocket that came from a jacket. The zipper still works.

horse and pocket.jpg

The J Smith label came from a jacket. I love thrift store leather jackets. I have 2 thrift stores that I can get jackets for $4.99 each.

jacquelyn smith on pocket.jpg

Another label....too cute not to use.

me jane label.jpg

Sometimes the leather wants to stretch and doesn't cover the previous piece properly. No problem...just add on a little cover up piece...the little red piece.

red cover up.jpg

When I was getting to the end of the blocks, I took a bunch of the little pieces that were cut off and put them all over a block.

bits and pieces.jpg

This went really quickly and was a lot of fun. I guess I could make it a tad larger...we'll see.  It is already a bit heavy and after batting and backing it will just be heavier. I guess it could be the winter couch quilt. haha    It might have to be quilted soon...I like it.

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