Friday, December 30, 2016

Out with 2016....In with 2017

2016 could have been a better year....quilting-wise.  I only quilted 47 quilts this year....seems like much more.

I did manage to empty 79 thread spools.

And used 111 yards of fabric out of the stash.

I have done much better than this in years past...guess i was a slacker this year. haha  

Plans for 2017 include:

Judy Laquidara's UFO Challenge. as in years past, we are to pick 12 UFOs and number them from 1 through 12. Each month Judy will pick a number, and we are to finish that numbered UFO.  I have done this challenge in past years and it is fun and productive.

My 12 UFOs are:
1  Blue and White Manassas quilt from Marilea
2  Oriental Treasures quilt
3  Larry's Texas quilt
4  Blue selvage blocks
5  Red selvage blocks
6  Blue and white one block wonder
7  Embroider Shop Hop
8  Embroider striped alpha
9  Embroider search and find
10 Embroider Christmas town
11 Embroidery Landscape Christmas
12 Embroider 50 states

Some of these projects are huge and might not get finished in a month....and a few are just a few steps away from being finished. If i finish a project quickly and have more time for that month....i have 3 'extras' that i can work on...

1  Embroider pirate alphabet
2  Embroider western alphabet
3  Halloween alphabet

As you can see, there are just as many embroidery UFO projects as there are quilts.

Along with all of this....I want to quilt 1 leather piece each month, too.

The year always starts out well....until garden season arrives...and lawn mowing season. And if i can stop myself from adding even MORE UFOs to the pile....that would be a huge help also. And not find any more graffiti projects to do. .... and stay at home more and work at it.  Life is hard. hahaha

The to-be-quilted cabinet is still pretty full. This year I quilted them in order....oldest first. Next year I am going to do things a bit differently. Instead of continuing the oldest first, I am going to quilt the ones that I like best first.....might as well do what I like and get them finished before I die. haha

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Cindi said...

All those empty spools are amazing. Quite an accomplishment. Good luck on your UFOs.

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