Thursday, December 22, 2016

My son't deer head

If he works in metal...and I work in might think we are a strange family. you would be completely right. haha

Larry's friend, Bob, hunts with bow and arrow. he didn't get a buck this year, so Larry said he thought he would make him one for Christmas. 

It is pretty heavy. He fabricated the whole thing from bits and pieces of this and that. you know how guys hang on to 'cool' stuff. he also has me trained to look for metal stuff and save it for him. haha

deer head.jpg

Here is a side shot. he says he will send me better pics when it is completed and he mounts it on something. but i couldn't resist a few pics now

side shot.jpg

The ears are so cool....the eyes are 3 washers stacked up. the horns are rebar.

eye and ear.jpg

Even the line on the bow is metal

bow with line.jpg

I love how he painted the end of the arrow

end of arrow.jpg

I guess i didn't get the other end of the arrow. it is all so cool.

when my sister and i go to thrift stores, i come back with as much metal stuff for Larry as I do leather stuff for me.

He made Bob's wife a cat out of the tines of a fork, but, dang it, i didn't get a picture of it. 

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