Monday, January 2, 2017

Embroidery stabilizer dilemma -- solved!

If you own an embroidery machine...then you know what I am talking about here. And if you have already figured out this solution....please, don't tell me. It has taken me years for this to click in my brain. haha

You have a great embroidery design....but the machine will only let you do it in a large hoop. so, once it is finished, you have this large hole in your stabilizer....with all that good stabilizer left.


I usually tore the pieces be used for smaller designs...but, then, you have PILES of pieces of stabilizer


I used to just double them up....put the stabilizer with the hole in it...and cover the hole with pieces from previously used stabilizer. that works...up to a point. sometimes, the machine will get caught in a torn piece on the bottom....and you have trouble.  sometimes, the tension is just not good enough on the sides....and you have trouble. and, when removing the stabilizer, after the stitching, you have double layers to remove...a pain

double layers.jpg

Today, something clicked in my brain.....!!CLICK!!....why not sew the pieces together. so, i cut them as large as possible...and sewed them together.  VOILA!!!   a new piece of stabilizer. why did i not think of this years ago???   i must be a slow learner.  i sew pieces of muslin together all the time for backings for selvage blocks and crazy quilt blocks. 


How do you learn to think of solutions that are outside the box? 

I am so happy to think of this now. hahahaha to do more embroidery

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