Saturday, January 7, 2017

Leather quilt... with brown selvage blocks

Well, it didn't stay a UFO for long....about a week. haha    I just had to quilt it and see how it worked.

Is 55x63....and pretty heavy. Crazy quilt style leather blocks alternated with brown selvage blocks.


I quilted a Large X across each block....and then went back and quilted a diamond in each block....from the center of each edge. it looks like giant cross hatching.  I couldn't stitch over the heart...i went around it. haha


I can give you advice of what happened to me and you can file the info for later in case you want to try leather. although the idea was cool (i thought), when doing the actual quilting....even though the blocks are alternated....some of the intersections were too thick for my needle to go through. so, i just sort of went around it. look at the bottom right corner of this block.  there are several of them like that.

pieces and inter.jpg

And although the horse on the pocket....with the zipper intact...was was another roadblock for quilting. I went around the zipper and didn't even attempt to sew through it.


Another fat intersection on the bottom right.

intersection bottom right.jpg

I didn't have issues with the selvage blocks.

selvage block 1.jpg

The back is a piece of black, gray and brown plaid wool that i found in the stash. it was about 2 inches too narrow, so i sewed a strip of black fabric on each side. once it was quilted, one side was in the binding and you didn't see it...the other side shows a bit. but it isn't really all that noticeable.

back close.jpg

Thread was a dark brown Glide for the top and Bottom Line Taupe for the bobbin. 


I thought about putting a border on it....but, a fabric border i thought would be too thin for the thickness of the blocks. and a leather border was out of the question. i considered a selvage border...but got lazy and didn't want to do all that. so, the solution was to just cut the binding a bit wider...i used 2.5"....and it worked just fine to go over the leather blocks. 

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