Sunday, January 29, 2017

Stained Glass Window....machine embroidery

I started this on January 2...this year. haha    it has been quite a deal. Although there are only 9 blocks, each took over 2 of them 3 hours. and that is just the stitching. imagine the thread changes....usually over 15...and changing bobbins....3 or 4 per block....and troubleshooting when things get crazy. i could only do one a day.

In case you are interested in these things...and i took over 21 hours and 40 minutes to embroider these blocks.....and 730,714 stitches.   My machine gives me those figures, so don't think i was counting stitches. haha


It is 20" square...well, except for the arched top


It was very hard to piece them together and get them to match up...some places don't exactly. but after unsewing 2 or 3 times, i just gave up




Do you see the snail?


I just love the turtle


Don't know what i will do with this. it was a design i had bought years ago and forgot about it in my embroidery computer. i am trying to use all the designs that i have bought over the years....and not used. sigh!!

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