Sunday, January 8, 2017

Canada donation quilts

I found a site...somewhere....where folks were making quilts for the Ronald McDonald house in Canada. you know i always like to join in. 

The specs were....
...You used a piece of the Oh Canada fabric in each block. this fabric celebrates Canada's 150th anniversary. several manufacturers are making it
...Blocks are to be 12" finished
...You can send sets of 12 or 24. 
...You can send tops....set 3x4 .... or 4x6
...You can send quilts

I bought 2 yards of the moose fabric. it was just moose...and little maple leaves...scattered all over the fabric. it made it a bit challenging to cut out the moose.

I made 2 large tops and 4 small ones. here are the small ones. they are just thrown over the hanger, so you are seeing about half of them. these are the ones that are 3x4 blocks.

One in lighter colors

sm light colors.jpg

One in brights

sm brights.jpg

Tried a 9 patch

sm 9 patch.jpg

And an off center one

sm 2 sides same.jpg

I was getting tired of those moose by now. haha    so i did a large one with the take 5 pattern. i have the die to cut these, so it went quickly...and used up more moose   (mooses?)  

lg take 5.jpg

This is the first one i did...a large one...with darker fabrics

lg darks.jpg

The edge of the fabric had moose cut, i didn't want to waste any mooses....had a little moose fun

moose block fun 1.jpg

More moose fun

moose block fun 2.jpg

I will get these all in the mail tomorrow. it took me about a month to piece them all. i hope they get lots of tops. i think their goal was 1000...don't really remember.  but they are accepting blocks, tops and quilts until the end of May, 2017. so, if you feel so inclined, go buy some Oh Canada fabric and do your part.

Things get mailed to:

Leslie Whitby
2895 Almonte Rd
Carp ON
KOA  1L0

Canada has such strange addresses. 

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