Thursday, January 12, 2017

Deep in the Heart of Texas

This poor quilt was 5 years in the making....and most of that time was sitting around in a box. haha  This was a Judy Laquidara pattern...I believe she did a quilt along at that time. I bought the fabrics in March of 2012. I didn't even start piecing it until November, 2014. It has been a UFO all this time. But I am participating in Judy's UFO challenge again this year...and she picked #3 for January....and this was the quilt. There were only 3 more blocks to piece...put them together....and Viola!


The borders were cut in one piece from the fabric. I had over 10 yards of it. 


Judy's corners were a pieced block but i cheated and used the red Texas fabric.


All the small blocks came from a panel. I still have some of the pictures left over


I am giving it to my daughter in law for her birthday next month. She is a Texas girl, so she is going to love it....especially since she is now in Illinois.  It is 64x76...the perfect size for her to snuggle on the couch with her puppies.


Panto is called Heart Strings



This is the main fabric. i still have quite a bit of this left, too. 


Threads were Glide, Bark, for the top and So FIne medium brown for the bobbin.


I have enough fabrics left to make another smaller quilt...someday. You want a bunch of Texas fabrics....just let me know and I'll be happy to send the leftovers to you. I'll even send you the pattern.  haha

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