Saturday, January 28, 2017

Carnival Bloom

This was just for fun. I was cleaning out years of old patterns, pictures, and things to do 'one day'...when I came across this picture...and it said...make me...i said ok...that was the end of cleaning for that day. i started pulling fabrics and leathers. Here is the picture.


It is 51x57"...all applique flowers and leaves are leather. The middle piece was hand dyed by Vicki Welsh several years ago. The borders are not something that I would have normally used, but the picture was wild and funky so i just went for it. All that craziness was in my stash. haha


Cutting out leather flower pieces took several hours.

gold flower.jpg

purple flower.jpg

red flower.jpg

The flying geese was an attempt to try Jamie Wallen's masterpiece. unfortunately, i fell a bit short. figured out i need a much larger area for turning....will do better with that next time.

orange flower and geese.jpg

blue circles.jpg

Back was a piece of navy fabric bought from someone online who was cleaning out their stuff. it is a heavier type of cotton. it gave me a few thread tension issues.

back geese.jpg

back geese 2.jpg

back leaves.jpg

I used lots of threads. It is pretty wild and in your face bright. reminds me of Mardi Gras. i will hang it in my studio.  


Next up i have another leather experiment...dinosaurs this time.

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Gene Black said...

Are those triangles made with "extreme quilting?" I am not familiar with Jamie Wallen's piece that you referenced.

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