Sunday, March 26, 2017

HSTeria IV ... blue and white

Back a couple years ago, VIcki Welsh did a HST challenge. I really don't like to piece HSTs...but i do like a good challenge.  this is my 4th HST quilt in this challenge....there might be more, i don't really remember.  a lot of Thangles were harmed in the making of these quilts. haha

It's been in the to-be-quilted cabinet since December 10, 2014.  it is 70" square....kinda.  haha


The blocks are churn dash, but sometimes are hard to distinguish. putting them together without sashing makes a different kind of pattern.

close 1.jpg

closse 2.jpg

The back is a dark navy that i bought online from someone getting rid of stuff. There was yards and yards of it for a ridiculous price. there was fading where it was folded, but i just turned it over and used the other side....problem solved. gotta use up all that old stuff.


Threads used were Glide Sand for the looks like gold to me. and So Fine Orchid for the bobbin. the backing is so dark, that the orchid looks like white on it.


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