Friday, March 10, 2017

Red Selvage March UFO Challenge

For March, Judy pulled the number 5....mine was a whole stack of red selvage blocks. This is what I did with them. It is queen size...98x108"


There is a pattern but it isn't immediately noticeable. Look for rectangles at a slant to the right.

close 1.jpg

I used a dark brown thread but it isn't all that noticeable except in the border

close 2.jpg

I quilted 8" circles all across, doing first the top half, then coming back and stitching in the ditch in the middle of the circle, then going back again to do the bottom half. I thought that was all i would do, but it didn't look like enough quilting, so, once i got to the end, i turned the quilt and did lines across the other way that dissected the circles into quarters and put SID in the edges. I use the term SID very loosely...they are in the ditch, out of the ditch and across the a drunken sailor.  i am OK with that. Back is an unbleached muslin.


Threads used were Glide Chocolate for the top and Bottom Line oatmeal for the bobbin. have you ever noticed how many thread names are food? no wonder so many quilters are chunky.

thread chocolate and oatmeal.jpg

Binding was some red and white fabrics from the stash

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Vicki W said...

That is a fantastic quilt combining 2 of my favorite things: string piecing and red.

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