Friday, March 3, 2017

Milk Street Magazine .... for cooking

Are you familiar with Christopher Kimball....he had Cook's Magazine back in the day. his new venture is Milk Street Magazine. I saw an advertisement on facebook and decided to send for the premier issue and try it out. if you like it, you get 6 more issues for $20.  money well spent...i love it.

I am trying to eat healthier and give up the junk food. i want to make most everything in this first issue. I have made...

1.  Hot Smoked Salmon Salad with Avocado (i substituted tuna...can't eat salmon).  This was awesome....even dh liked it.  i have made it twice now.

2.  Tonight I made Peruvian Pesto (green noodles). it is very good. dh doesn't normally do spaghetti type dishes, but he did eat a bowl of it. i liked it better than he did.  so, the leftovers are mine. 

3.  Georgia Chicken Soup   (the  country Georgia that is between Turkey and Russia). This was absolutely amazing. we gobbled it up for several days. on the last day, i added some dumplings....made it even better. haha

4. The Real Guacamole.....from Mexico City....none of that city garlic and lime juice.  very good. we gobbled that up, too.

This magazine is going to be worm out. I read every article. He tells where he went in the world to find the recipes. it is very interesting reading.

I still want to make...

1. Tahini  Swirl Brownies .... these are next...after we eat the cupcakes that i made the other day.

2.  Smashed Cucumber Salad....with English cucumbers

3.  Cracked Potatoes with Vermouth, Coriander and Fennel  (what exactly is Vermouth...a wine?....a whiskey?  i am alcohol stupid. need to find this).

4.  Pistachio Cardamom Loaf Cake.  Had to drive for 50 miles to a large grocery store to find Cardamom. once i found it, i now know why they don't carry it out here in the sticks.  that little spice jar was $12.  i better make a lot of loafs.  

I tried the cardamom in my smoothie this morning.....good.

There are 2 or 3 things in this issue that i am not interested in trying, but overall that is a very informative and interesting magazine. plus....he does not take advertisements...refreshing.  looking forward to the next issue (every 2 months).

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