Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brown Selvage Quilt Top

When the selvage drawer won't close any's time to piece a quilt top. brown selvages won out this time. 

Here is the whole top. 72x92"

I had some fabric that had little pictures of garden scenes. so i cut them up....4 together. that is the middle of these 10" blocks.

Just went around and around the center until i got at least 10" in each direction. i started out with any color, anywhere...then decided i liked it better with controlled color frames around the center. 

The borders are 6" wide....selvages sewn onto a base fabric. 

It used almost all the brown selvages. i put all the pieces that were less than 7" in a bag, so the remaining selvages are 'sort of' sorted. I love the dog bone fabric...this is the last of it, i think.  it says good dog on the bones.

One more to add to the already stuffed to-be-quilted cabinet. 

Next up is green selvages. wait till you see what i have planned for that.  it works in my head...hahaha....we'll see.


Vicki W said...

That's really cool. Did you do that in 2 days?

shirley said...

I did the BORDER in 2 days. the inside took about a week....working on it in the evenings. once i thought of the border idea i got excited and stepped it up to see how it would look. hahaha

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