Sunday, January 19, 2014

Robert Callaham's Floral Garden is a top

I have finished the Floral Garden quilt top designed by Robert Callaham. the pattern was found in an old McCall's Quilting magazine...i think about 2004.  been working on this one most of last year so am happy to have it set together so i can move on to other things.....and i have...hahaha.....more to come on that later.

Here is the top. it is huge and i had a time getting it all in the pic.and, yeah, it is wrinkly. i had it folded up and stuffed in the cabinet and realized i hadn't taken pics so had to dig it back out. it is going to be fun to quilt....someday. hahahaha

Here are the blocks from the bottom half which i haven't shown earlier. i have been bad.  this block had set in seams but it was relatively easy. i think i might be getting the hang of it.

This one was mostly pieced with just a bit of applique. check out those crazy quilt squares in the corners.

Cute little birds. at this point in the project, i had about used up my wool felt. the red was pink flowers. the blue was pink birds.  purple bow instead of red. the only wool i have left is black, green, purple and pink. good thing this one is all pieced.

This block....ahhh, Robert, i was surely calling you names while piecing this block. not only are there set in seams...but they are all CURVY.  i would do a couple seams and set it down and walk away. after a couple days i would come back and do a couple more seams.  this block by itself took me over a week. LOL and then i had to starch and steam the heck out of it. it's a bit wonky but the best i could do.

More pink birds...hahaha     the inside of the heart has a crazy quilt heart. i followed the directions and used a plain piece in the middle but it seemed too plain to me so i embroidered a red heart in the middle of it. i think it is better now. 

Hopefully i can get this quilted up this year. i have so many quilts to do but i really like this one, so maybe it will get finished in the top of the queue.

It wasn't hard....except those set in seam blocks.....just tedious.  and a whole lot of 2 1/2" squares pieced together.  

It's a keeper.

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