Friday, January 31, 2014

JudyL's Scrappy Challenge for 2014

Judy Laquidara of   always comes up with fun things to do. this year it is a scrappy challenge. and we all have scraps, don't we?  some of us more than names mentioned here. hahaha

On the second of each month, she will give us a block. we are to make as many of those blocks as we wish....using our scraps. Judy's plan was at the end of each month you were to use however many blocks you had made that month and make something with them. made one make a potholder or mug rug.  made 3 or 4 blocks....make a table runner. and so on.

But, being the rebel that i am .... you saw that coming, right?..... i am making the blocks each month but keeping them all to make into sampler quilts at the end of the year. who knows how many quilts i will get pieced out of these blocks....could be 1....could be half a dozen.

This is this month's block ...... i made 10 of them.

2 of these

2 of these

2 of these

2 of these

1 of this one

and, 1 of this one.

i am going with a red, white and blue theme at this point. if i run out of rwb scraps i will switch to something else. but, there won't be any running out anytime soon i don't think. unless block pieces are larger than my scraps. but i think it will all work out. i THINK these are 12" blocks but don't hold me to that....but that is close. if i make 10 blocks a month all year...that's 120 blocks. wow....that's a few quilts, right?

Do you know of anyone who has used up all their scraps? or...shudder.....someone who doesn't save scraps and throws them all away?   i do know someone who throws away. almost makes me cry.


Dee Dee said...

Using up my scraps almost feels as though I am getting a free quilt! Great idea to make a bunch of blocks each month and then use them to make quilts at the end of the year. I like your RW&B theme.

Ramona said...

Your red, white and blue quilt is going to look great with these blocks. And I agree with DeeDee... it is like getting a free quilt!

ratama said...

Your blocks look great!

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