Friday, January 24, 2014

More Robert Callaham quilts

While at the studio today, i was looking through some old McCall's Quilting magazines.

Lo and Behold!! .... i found 2 more Robert Callaham quilts that i want to make....from 1998 and 1999. i have one issue from each year .... and need 10 more issues for both quilts.

I went online to eBay and Amazon and found all 10 issues that i needed in a couple hours. now i am all excited and just waiting for them to arrive so i can start me some more Roberts. ahahahhaha

Now, the question i want to do the applique in wool the first one....i really liked that. if so, then i need to order more wool since all i have is black. i'll give that some thought. i'll have to do some serious shopping in my stash and see what fabrics will work. that might be a trick. 

I did find a couple other Robert Callaham's in later issues but it seems he is getting into the more modern looking quilts. there was one that was a strip quilt....didn't look like his style at all. so, unless i come across some other really old issues with other quilts of his....i'm thinking these are the last 2 i will make of his. 

But they should keep me busy for a while. it's not like i have nothing else to do. hahahahaha

More on this later.

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