Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Goal for 2014

I don't make New Year's resolutions...they only get broken. they were always the same as everyone else's....lose whatever. 

I have been making and reaching goals for a few years in the quilting part of my life. keeping track of fabric yards used.....counting thread spools emptied...finishing UFOs.  i decided that a GOAL is what i needed for the new year for my life. i need a life's goal. i need a way to sneak up on some weight loss.

I have tried every diet and lifestyle change and every other quackery out there. yeah....i've lost weight. sometimes 50 or 60 pounds. the problem is not losing's hiding from it so it doesn't find it's way back.

So i shall try a Goal this year. my GOAL is simple......EAT RESPONSIBLY. 

Sounds do-able, right? sounds easy. you see responsibly.....drink responsibly.  well, my problem is food. so, i shall eat responsibly. i'm not saying i won't eat potato chips....just not the whole bag. not saying i won't eat pizza....just not half of it. i shall be conscience of HOW MUCH i eat. and in doing so, will hope that will keep me out of the junk food continuously and i might actually lose some weight. 

I shall work on it responsibly....and.....EAT RESPONSIBLY.

For breakfast today i ate an orange. 
For lunch i had a bowl of cereal, 1/2 a banana, soy milk on the cereal, and apple juice. i used a small bowl, only filled the juice cup half full. only ate half of the banana. it's a start.
Dinner is home made chicken vegetable soup with dumplings. i will have 1 ladle full....not 2 or 3. no second helpings. Lord help is in the crock pot and smelling good. LOL

2014 shall find me in the responsible lane. 

How about you?

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Jim Bruner said...

I have never seen you fail to do what you put your mind to. So the eating responsibly is a done deal. You will make it happen !

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