Thursday, January 8, 2015


This quilt came from a book called Modern Quilt Perspectives by Thomas Knauer.  he has some awesome quilts in his book...along with some pretty good stories to go along with them.

This is a story quilt. he and his daughter would curl up together and tell stories. one of them would point to one of the squares and start the story....then one or the other would say ... and...and point to another block...and the story would veer in that direction. he said it could go on for hours. sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon with a child.

The blocks are 3 1/2" square...the quilt is 90" square. Thomas used blues in his quilt but i used greens...simply because that is the color that i had 6 shades of.


You have to cut a lot of squares....over 250 for the pictures.

close 1.jpg

I lost count of how many greens. there are 900 squares in all.

close 2.jpg

You sew it together in a 9 patch format....100 squares to a piece.

close 3.jpg

Here are all my greens

6 greens.jpg

Back is a muslin


Glide thread for the top. i started out with an olive...but that ran out about 2/3s of the way i switched to a dark green....the only other Glide green that i had.  the bottom is a dark green So Fine.

Quilting took longer than i thought it would. i just did a wavy line through each block in the form of an X. went all across one way and then back the other.....30 times. haha

One UFO down....many more to go. but this wasn't a UFO for long....i started piecing it on September 5, 2014. i did 6 blocks and then let it set for a few months. last week i decided it had to get finished, so i did the last 3 blocks and got it together.  the binding is a mishmash of lots of fabrics....mostly green. 

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Vicki W said...

That is a really cute quilt! You amaze me.

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