Thursday, January 29, 2015

Geisha Sue and Samuri Sam

I can't find the date of when i embroidered these blocks or pieced the top...i know it has been 2 or 3 years.


It is 46" wide and 44" tall


Sue and Sam were done by embroidery machine.


I bought Sue and Sam separately but didn't want to just make a bunch of them or use them separately.


So i decided to put them with this geisha panel that i had.


I SID around everything....more or less.  borders were made from a bunch of Asian charm squares that i had left over.


Back is a piece of fabric from the stash


I used several different colors for the top and changed the colors in the bobbin also 

back close.jpg

Top threads were Glide. i used the black for the background fill on the geishas

top threads.jpg

Bobbin threads were a So Fine and  a Bottom Line. i used the dark green with the black.

bobbin threads.jpg

This is the last one quilted for January. i think i did pretty good for this month.

Off to the Duck in the back Tuesday.

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