Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fractured II

This came about from a quilt along with Vicki Welsh. I thought it was last year, but it was pieced on November 10, 2013. this is my second one of these. 

It is 80 x 88".  i chose to SID around the red and quilt in the yellow...which is what Vicki did in hers.


The middle


And the very needed feathers


I quilted it all as i rolled, so most design sections were just as much space as i had...then i changed designs on the next roll. but sometimes i liked what i did and continued it on for a bit....but not often. the following dozen pics shows some of my fills.






At one point i put in my name and the date. permanent label...haha    maybe i need to do that on all quilts.

my name and date.jpg






The border got the same all around...piano keys....various widths


The back was a pieced one of gray stripes. part of it is horizontal and part is is how the fabric fit so i went with it. and, the binding is this same gray stripe....part one way and part the other. i am consistently weird.


back close.jpg

Top thread was Glide Gold....bottom was 2 light yellows and 1 gold of So Fine. i was using up last bits of thread on spools. the shades were close enough you would never tell. 

This one was on the frame over a week and i am now tired of it so glad it is done. i think i am getting a small customer quilt tomorrow at quilt class so that will be up next. then it is back to busting UFOs and that TBQ cabinet.

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