Monday, January 26, 2015

House Numbers for the Duck....graffiti art

Here is my first graffiti art numbers for the Duck.  i wanted to practice before i tackled the side of the garage on a large scale. haha    i believe i am going to do my mailbox, too.  when you open the door of the mailbox...on the inside it will've got mail.  haha is the whole sign...


And a few closeups

close 1.jpg

The silver washers on the corners mark the spots for the screws to go in to hold up the sign. once it is mounted, i will paint some brown over the washers and probably glue a few things over that to cover it up. it probably weighs about 10 pounds. is 12" x 18" 

close 2.jpg

I put all the larger pieces on first....then filled in with buttons and larger beads...and then with tiny beads

close 3.jpg

I've looked and looked at it....there is always another spot to cover or a place to fit a tiny bead but last night i finally said....done!

close 4.jpg

I wanted to do the background in black but didn't have enough black i chose browns.

close 5.jpg

What do you think?  I'm in love with it

Jim says the mail person will be spending a lot of time at my house looking at the sign....but i might not get any mail. haha

If you feel the need to get rid of stuff in your kids toy box or that junk drawer or that garage....i'll be happy to take the stuff off your hands.  haha

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