Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sorting of graffiti art pieces

I hauled all my boxes of graffiti art stuff to the Duck that i had accumulated at the farm. and got out the boxes that i had already hauled down there.....and spent 2 days sorting everything by color. and also sorting smaller and larger pieces separately.

i have 10 boxes of larger pieces.....and 10 containers of smaller pieces....including buttons and beads.

i brought the smaller pieces back home to make my mailbox. i started drawing a design and painting it last night.

i have lots of yellow, red and green but short on purples

yellow red green purple.jpg

lots of blue, brown and a bit short on black and orange

blue orange brown black.jpg

really short on pink....lots of white

pink white.jpg

Lots of little stuff...including beads and buttons

little stuff.jpg

This is so much fun....i am itching for spring so i can tear that siding off the side of the garage wall and get started painting and gluing. haha

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Vicki W said...

Oh that will be fun! What mastic will you use for your outside installation?

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