Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Spy Match Up was NOT...haha     second quilt finish for the day.   

The idea here is to find the blocks that match...there are 2 of each.  Except for 2 squares that don't match anything. might keep a kid or 2 busy for a bit.


Quick quilting job....wavy Xs across each square.


I used all kinds of fabrics....not just the usual I Spy fabrics


48x60"..Pieced April 6,'s been waiting a while for quilting


Red border got swirlies .... and somewhere along the way i got turned around so swirlies go different directions.  and i created a special design for the white border.....just for this's called ...  Connect the Dots. hahahaha


Back is another 'put your sunglasses on' piece of fabric from the stash. i believe this is all gone now...thank goodness.  


Top thread was Glide red...bobbin was So Fine black.


I'm done quilting now for the day.

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