Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blue and brown scrappy crossroads

More snow/ice days = another UFO pieced.  this is UFO#4...i had most of the 4 patches pieced together but the rest was just all the pieces cut out in a box.  i started piecing on February 25, 2015 and finished piecing February 28, 2015. I can't find a date of when i cut it all out. i think the title of that quilt was 'crossroads' something or other...but of course i don't have that info now. sigh!

Here is where i usual picture tore out of a magazine

picture from mag.jpg

Lots of scrappy browns and blues


Sashings in each block match ... and all the sashings are the same fabric.

top close 1.jpg

And center square in each block match the cornerstones in the sashings

top close 2.jpg

The top is 58" x 70"...couch size

top close 3.jpg

This is the 4th UFO finished in February....not bad. of course, that means 4 more added to the TBQ cabinet. i believe i am in the red on the quilting part....but i have finished 10 UFOs so far this year. and am actively working on 4 more of them. i'm getting there.

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