Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aqua and Gray stripes

This has been marinating for a while...pieced August 9, 2012.  i barely remember it but it is now quilted....February 27, 2015.....and that is good.


You can't really see the quilting


But i love the color combo. I knew i wanted to put these fabrics together....but didn't want to take the time to design a i opted for simple stripes and i think it worked ok...and it got those fabrics out of my stash.

close 2.jpg

The back was pieced .... using up the last of the fabrics

back pieced.jpg

You can see the panto here stitched out

back close.jpg

Here is panto i used

crape myrtle.jpg

What it looks like 


Thread i is Glide aqua....bobbin is So Fine light gray


Quilt is 58 x 80"...good couch size.  this is quilt #7 for February...not bad considering it is a short month and it was damn cold in the studio...mainly because i am too cheap to use the propane. haha

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