Saturday, February 7, 2015

Salty or Sweet

Here is today's quilt finish. it's only 43x44"...and not much quilting, so a quick one.

Pieced September 9, 2014.  Applique done with embroidery machine. plastic 'jars' applied with embroidery machine, also.


This reminds me of my Aunt Sophie's house. she had a shelve with lots of jars of candies and when you would visit she would let you have all that you wanted.


But, you didn't eat the black jelly beans...those were for Uncle Bud.


But, they weren't my favorite anyway....there were way too many other choices that were wonderful.





The border was just a quick job with lines going every which way.


Used a piece of muslin for the back. the top was 43x45" and i didn't want to piece anything for the back....lazy today.


Top thread was a Glide...for the bobbin i used 4 bobbins of thread that were left over from the last 2 quilts. they were close enough in color that i couldn't tell the difference.


And this will be hanging on a wall, so no one will see the back anyway. i think i am keeping this one.

I like almost all of those goodies in the jars. which is your favorite?

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