Friday, February 6, 2015

Graffiti Art Mailbox started

Just wanted to share the beginning of the mailbox project. 

So far, i have part of the flower and the leaf.

side 1.jpg

I painted the flower part around the pink to be purple...but, for whatever reason, did not bring purple stuff back home with me. so, changed to problem. haha  waiting weeks to get the purple wasn't an option. i still need to add smaller pieces to the blue section. waiting for this part to dry.

pink and blue flower.jpg

And the leaf is finished

green leaf.jpg

An the bottom left of the leaf is a fabulous glass leaf

left leaf.jpg

I love the monster head...and how he is holding down the soldier.

right leaf.jpg

Is there a job somewhere where i can just do this all day?  i might give up quilting for this. haha

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