Sunday, February 8, 2015

Update on graffiti art mailbox

I am so excited about my mailbox that i have not been piecing anything at all in the evenings. quilts?...what quilts!  haha  my table is completely taken over by my mailbox. i am really loving this.

More has been added to the top of the flower

top of flower.jpg

This is my conveyor is bringing packages into my mailbox. hahaha    it will go over and around to the other side.

conveyor belt.jpg

But, my favorite part so far is the yellow at the top.....the sun.....with the huge spider. haha  hope i don't give the mail person a heart attack.


And another view.

spider 2.jpg

DH comes into the kitchen and says...."i knew i would find you in here...gluing away.  i find you here first thing in the morning when i wake up and you are in here when i go to sleep at night."

What can i say.....i am having fun.

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