Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crazy Quilt Alphabet

I had a snow day yesterday and stayed at the house. .... we got about 4" of snow....our first real accumulation of the winter. and it could be the last and it wouldn't hurt my feelings. 

Anyway, this is the first project that i took to the house for my snow day piecing. i had finished stitching these blocks on February 14, 2015 and pieced them together February 16, 2015.


It is 40" x 49"


The blocks are 6" finished


I sewed them on a foundation square and just fit them in however i could.


Each square has things that start with the same letter of the alphabet.


That finished up a lot of scrap novelty fabrics


I love the sashing and border fabric


I started these months ago and i am happy to have them finished. some of the blocks only had a few pictures.....it was hard to find something to go there and i was about out of novelties, so i did the best i could. i did not want to go buy more fabrics.

Now it will marinate in the TBQ cabinet for a while.

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