Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mary's Stars

Now that i have delivered this one to the customer....i can show it here.

She wanted the zigzags to show .... and chose the feathers. and the SID around the stars and the line through the star segments. she wanted 'loose feathers' in the border. so i followed the feathery fern type thing in the border and just did large, loose feathers. 


The quilting doesn't show too much. i used a pinky salmon thread to see where i was going.


I followed the ferny thing with large, loose feathers


A more controlled feather in the zigzags


The stars were SID and then a line through the segments

star 2.jpg

Two sides had setting triangles and Mary chose simple arcs there

setting triangles.jpg

I really like the star quilting.


But where it really shines and shows is the back


I like the back best. haha

back 2.jpg

Glide on the top....a pinky salmon and So Fine on the bottom...sort of a beige

1 comment:

Michelle said...

that's a whole different quilt on the back. Good job making the zigzags show.

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