Saturday, February 14, 2015

The back of the graffiti mailbox is a garden

I decided the back of the mailbox should be a garden. it took me a bit to figure out how.  

The brown beads made the path through the the bench at the end. This is rather intense....i made sure you could not see much of the white mailbox underneath. it is all tight.


There is a birdhouse


In this section i put bright lime green buttons down and covered them with the flower beads


There is a red butterfly in the white flowers. 

red butterfly in white flowers.jpg

The 'bush' on the left was...i think...some plastic plant from an aquarium. i snipped the ends of the leaves so the white beads would slide on there. i love that piece.  do you see the bunny in the blue bush...and the frog?

bush bunny frog.jpg

At the end of the trail is a bench to sit on and admire the garden. there is a cat next to the bench to amuse you....and a turtle who is amused by the cat. the strange beads behind the bench represent a row of trees to shade the bench because that sun is beating down. haha

bench sun cat turtle.jpg

And this is one side of the pink portion of the rainbow. i just need to flip it over and do the other side of the pink. 

pink rainbow.jpg

I am close to being finished with this. 

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Vicki W said...

This is soooooo cool! What adhesive are you using so that it will hold up in weather?

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