Saturday, February 6, 2016

12 Friends Go West

This was a batik kit that i bought .... somewhere.....years ago. finished piecing on April 3, 2013....and, about 3 years's a quilt. haha  


It's 72x88"   It is going to my daughter-in-law...she was admiring it when she saw it last week on the frame....and next week is her birthday. i think she will be surprised.


Trying to show the panto. 


This panto is called Echoed Swirls and was designed by our own Jo Ann Gruber. it is pretty bobbin sews about 50".


Top thread was bright blue Glide, bobbin was a So Fine grayish brown

I need my wheels changed desperately, as you can see on the back. i have little control and the machine is all over the place. i keep looking for someone who knows how to change them. ... and lives close enough to me to come and do it for me. 

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