Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Graffiti Doorway and my scary story

I spent a few days with my sister, my son and DIL, and at the Duck.

I thought i might be done with graffiti, but still had some stuff left, and had a sheet of luan left. so, i decided to do around the doorway between the kitchen and dining room....on the kitchen side. this is more in a 'hall' or 'pass through' than the actual kitchen, but it is seen from the kitchen.

left side from kitchen.jpg

This is the left side of the doorway. i still have to do the right side....after i collect more graffiti stuff. i am about out of black, red and white.....main colors that i need. i want the right side to match the left....color-wise.

This is 20" wide and 90" high.  I will put trim around the doorway later and on the other side of the graffiti to sort of frame it in.

Here are some close-ups.

Whoever this action hero is...he is now tamed. haha

I found another bag of yellow duckies....i love them. haha

The yellowish stars and design in that square piece are glow in the dark. i won't need night lights at the Duck. haha

The yellow piece that looks like duck lips is actually a whistle type thing that sounds like a duck when you blow it.

See the teeth?....where the goofy tomato is sitting.  i think those came from some game. i used the other half of the teeth on other graffiti in the past.

Now...for my scary story..

I went to Illinois on thursday, my DDIL's birthday. we had some fun and hung out for a while. friday my sister and i went to the duck and to the beast.  hung around there a couple days. on saturday afternoon went back to the kids and spent the night there. planned on going home on sunday. well, hubby says there is a big snow band coming through saturday night, so you might not get home on sunday. well, ok...then, i'lll just spend another day..no problem.

i get up sunday morning....no snow...no ice...no nothing. it is just COLD...about 20 degrees.  so, about 8am i pack up my truck and head for home. i get about 10 miles down the road and it starts snowing...well shoot...well, it's not too bad....so i continue on.  in another 10 miles it is blowing like crazy, i can hardly see, we are all doing about 40 mph on the freeway. the roads are all slushy and slippery. 

my truck is a lightweight ford ranger so it slides around easily. i had slid a couple of times but it wasn't too bad....the cars were all staying far away from each other....for once.  it was the 18 wheelers that were a bit scary.  the stuff was coming down so fast and furious that you could not see any markings on the road... wipers weren't helping much....there were 2 'lanes' where vehicles were traveling. i usually stay in the right hand lane. the guy in front of me was going slower than i wanted to....so i started to pass him. i started skidding and sliding....back and forth...back and forth....across 2 'lanes'.  i couldn't stop it and i simply slid around about 90 degrees and headed for the concrete barrier between the east and west lanes.  

i was praying at this point.....the truck stalled....in a snow pile....facing the concrete barrier.  the 18 wheeler that was behind me simply went around me like i wasn't a problem. i'm glad he could get around me...if he had hit me, i would be dead. he would have been right there in my door.  

it took 2 tries to get my truck started again....backed up, sliding...and turned back the right way and proceeded on...heart pounding out of my chest....praying to just get to the next exit where i knew there was a motel. 

got off the freeway, got to the gas station and filled up and went to the Holiday Inn across the road and got a room for the night. by morning, the roads were clear and dry like nothing had happened.  i'm staying home till spring....maybe summer. lol  i have never been so scared on the road in my life....i'm sure i have more gray hairs.

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