Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Halloween Town

I have been working on the Shop Hop embroidery CD blocks for a couple weeks now and have 7 or 8 of them done....and now i am bored with them. 

So, on to a new project.  This is Halloween Town.  it is a CD from Anita Goodesign....Special Edition.  there are 25 blocks plus designs for sashings and cornerstones.

I am using size A...the 8" block.  i don't know what my fascination with Halloween is....but i always like to do those blocks.

There is something about the creepy blocks that appeals to me. LOL

I even decided to follow the directions for this project....normally i just do my own thing.  i am using the stabilizer that they recommend....

Am using this batik for the sky in all blocks....

And this batik for the land in all blocks...

This is block 1A.  It has batting already in it.....and there is stippling in the sky and ground, so it is quilted. after all blocks are embroidered, it just needs to be sewn together. but once i add the backing i will quilt around the blocks and then go around the house...just enough quilting to keep it all together.

We'll see how many of these i get finished before i get bored and go on to something else. but i have learned to keep all the fabrics and threads and stabilizer used together so when i go back to it, i'll have everything i need. and i make notes of size i used and anything else i might need to know.

They are pretty labor intensive...this one took 2 hours.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the next block.

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