Sunday, February 7, 2016

Shop Hop

I'm working on the next embroidery CD blocks....called Shop Hop.  this one will take a while...there are 27 blocks.....i think the most in a CD that i have seen.  and there are sashing strips, too. i am going to use them, too. they are really cute.

Here are the 3 i have finished from today and yesterday. the blocks are 6"

The Notions-n-Stuff shop.  i like the wonky windows and the clock sign.

The Stitches shop.  cute 'open' sign and i like the scissors on the door

The spool house. haha   a little that a staircase going around and up?  

I work on these first thing when i get to the studio. i don't leave the heat on at night....and it takes at least an hour for the heater to kick in enough for the longarm to want to work. so, i do embroidery first.

But i did do some quilting today for several hours. it is slow going...lots of SID.....a larger than queen size crazy quilt.  broke 2 needles so far hitting was tiny beads in the seam that i didn't feel.  sigh!
But it will be awesome when finished.

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